One Less CBD was created with one purpose in mind: To facilitate productive living through the thoughtful merging of CBD with traditional ingredients into a powerful topical cream. 

We offer an alternative and complementary option for those struggling with pain, inflammation, soreness, discomfort, or injury.

What we don’t believe in is magic cure-alls. We believe that together, time-tested ingredients and emerging CBD science offer a powerful option for those in need.

While most CBD manufacturers are new to the business, we’ve been providing quality medical products to distributors for over a decade. When we researched our competitors, we were shocked at the lack of topical creams powered by research-backed ingredients. 

Put bluntly, most CBD topicals are generic, low-quality creams with CBD added to cash in on a trend. We designed our formulation thoughtfully, with six natural, active ingredients so our topical cream is more than CBD. 

We’re devoted to transparency, so we perform rigorous third-party testing to ensure 400mg of CBD and 0mg of THC isn’t just talk, it’s backed by laboratory testing. We don’t make impossible claims, we empower informed choices through consumer education. 

Thanks for reading. We hope One Less CBD empowers you to think outside the pill bottle.

Warmest regards,



Matt Parks
Founder & CEO

During his decade as Vice President at Williams Medical Supply, Matt’s efforts grew the company from a regional to national supplier while maintaining a steadfast promise to ensure new patients can be serviced. Understanding that his success was a direct result of building long-term relationships, he was imbued with a great appreciation for small business. Also during his time in medical supplying, he observed the rise of the opiate epidemic, a problem he knew stemmed in part from a lack of quality options in chronic pain and inflammation treatment. These experiences united seamlessly guiding his decision to create One Less CBD. 

Have a question or concern? Contact Matt via email at matt.parks@onelesscbd.com

If you’d prefer to speak with Matt by phone, feel free to call him at 615-260-1338

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DISCLAIMER: While many cultures have safely utilized hemp and marijuana derived treatments for generations, research is still emerging. Consistent with our focus on a holistic approach, we suggest consulting a physician before use of any CBD products if you take medications or have a serious medical condition. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat or cure any ailments.