small business partners

We’re focused on partnering with other leaders in small business so they can access a new revenue stream and offer their customers no-compromise CBD relief.




Our focus

We bring over a decade of experience building relationships with pharmaceutical distributors to the table. We understand the vital importance of small businesses offering unique products, to not only secure a one-time sale, but to convert customers to believers in your brand.

90 day no-risk trial

Boost your revenue completely risk-free.

Buy a case (6 jars) to carry at your storefront– sell just 3 jars to break even and the rest is all profit.

If you don’t sell 3 jars in the first 90 days, we’ll buy the rest back, no questions asked.


will it get you high?

Our CBD isolate is derived from hemp to ensure a completely THC-free experience with absolutely no high. No fogginess, no DUIs, no failed drug tests.

is it legal to sell?

CBD is legal in every state except for Iowa, Idaho, and South Dakota. What a bunch of squares.

Independent third-party testing verifies that our product contains the advertised 400mg of CBD and 0mg of THC.

NEED a new revenue stream?

Access a completely new product category while offering quality CBD to your customers. Your retail space and customer relationships are valuable and deserves to be treated like it.