Bespoke Formulation

We believe those suffering from persistent pain or inflammation deserve options beyond pharmaceuticals that can hinder your lifestyle. We’re devoted to empowering individuals to live healthy lives by marrying time-tested and emerging ingredients into one holistic CBD cream. 

Premium CBD

Topical creams provide unmatched speed of relief as active ingredients don’t need to pass through the stomach or liver to get to work. With the ability to apply directly to the problem area as needed, you have access to targeted management of your symptoms on-the-go.

No THC, no high

We’re committed to using CBD isolate to ensure a totally THC-free experience. No fogginess means you can be ready for any challenge thrown your way. Products that utilize full-spectrum CBD include small amounts of THC, a compromise we’re not willing to make.

Hemp seed & jojoba oil

Generic “white-label” creams cheap out on carrier oils, making active ingredients significantly less effective. Our oils ensure holistic ingredients can shine while fortifying your skin for indulgent daily use. We’ve thought through every detail of our cream so you don’t have to.

More Than CBD

Traditional ingredients work together to offer powerful, time-tested relief for pain and inflammation.
Why settle for a generic cream when you can have the best of both worlds?


Cool to the touch and soothing to pain, mint offers increased blood flow and a relaxing scent.


A popular analgesic sourced from evergreen trees proven to mitigate muscle and joint pain.


A penetrating analgesic extracted from the  camphor trees that prevents skin irritation.


An essential extract powerhouse which stimulates circulation while reducing swelling.

White Willow

A powerful anti-inflammatory and a natural extract of salicin also known as salix alba.

CBD 101

CBD or “cannabidiol” has received a recent surge in attention from consumers, healthcare providers, news outlets and beyond— for good reason. Research, medical practitioners and anecdotal accounts have provided a compelling picture for an option with incredible potential benefits. 

While the medical community continues to uncover the incredible applications of CBD, we’re focused on providing a formulation backed up by traditional ingredients. We believe that anything less than a holistic approach leaves benefits on the table.

Fighting The opioid Epidemic

It doesn’t take a doctor to know that overuse of opioids has spread like a virus across the country. We hope the availability of quality CBD alternatives will directly aid in this problem in two main ways:

We understand that every drug has its place and aren’t on a crusade against medical providers or the pharmaceutical industry. We simply offer another tool for those looking for novel options in the quest to lead a productive, healthy life.

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DISCLAIMER: While many cultures have safely utilized hemp and marijuana derived treatments for generations, research is still emerging. Consistent with our focus on a holistic approach, we suggest consulting a physician before use of any CBD products if you take medications or have a serious medical condition. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat or cure any ailments.