We facilitate productive living through thoughtful merging of CBD with traditional ingredients into a powerful topical cream.


0.00% thc.

less pills, real relief


We build our product so that you have another choice when you reach for the medicine cabinet.
We want your choice of CBD to mean six all-natural ingredients that you can feel working.
We want you to be able to pick a product that gives you relief without getting you high.
Heck, we even want you to be able to decide to get high– just not with our cream.
We want to help you make informed, healthy choices.

buy a jar, give to charity

10% of your purchase goes directly to charities supporting chronic pain or addiction recovery.

immediate relief,
direct to your door

  • Topical cream 
  • Apply as needed directly to problem area
  • Six natural, no-compromise active ingredients
  • Made and manufactured in the USA
  • 400mg of CBD isolate (100mg/ounce), third-party verified
  • 4 fluid ounce (118 ml) jar


no thc
no high

CBD isolate derived from hemp ensures a completely THC-free experience. CBD doesn’t get you high, so you can perform at your best.

100% thoughtful ingredients

A research-backed formulation powered by six natural ingredients works together to provide immediate relief.

Potency checks from Botanacor verify that our product contains our advertised 400mg of CBD and 0mg of THC.

evidence-backed, nature-made


Derived from hemp, cannabidiol is a natural cannabinoid making headlines for its powerful effects.


A popular analgesic sourced from evergreen trees, mitigates pain while providing a tranquil scent.


Cool to the touch and soothing to pain, mint offers natural pain relief and increased blood flow.


A penetrating analgesic extracted from the namesake camphor trees that doubles by preventing irritation.


An essential extract powerhouse which stimulates circulation while reducing swelling.

White Willow

A powerful anti-inflammatory and a natural extract of salicin also known as salix alba.

word on the street

Sarah Kennedy

“Drawing for a living takes a toll on the body because I’m often hunched over, working with my wrist and hands 6-8 hours a day. This topical cream has been incredibly helpful for wrist aches and neck cramps so I can finish my workday without the disorientation or fogginess that comes with THC.”

Betty Ann
Piercing Studio Owner

“I developed a ulcer from taking meds on a daily basis for shoulder and neck pain caused by repetitive movement. Since having this cream my pain has become manageable. I can really feel a difference 10-15 minutes after applying it. Mobility increased and pain decreased, I’m convinced I don’t need the other meds.”

William Johnson

“I’ve got three young kids to wake up, get dressed, feed, and get to school, sometimes carrying them out the door. That can be a huge challenge when my back is acting up. This cream has allowed me to access CBD relief without getting high, an option that’s not really on the table when you’ve got young kids.”

Relief is on the way

Everyone deserves to have access to effective alternatives.
Order today and receive our CBD topical cream to your front door, all without having to put pants on.

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DISCLAIMER: While many cultures have safely utilized hemp and marijuana derived treatments for generations, research is still emerging. Consistent with our focus on a holistic approach, we suggest consulting a physician before use of any CBD products if you take medications or have a serious medical condition. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat or cure any ailments.